Smart Home Automation Solutions

It’s time to take control. Easily arm and disarm your system with the push of a button, while controlling your lights, locks, garage doors, thermostats, and more using our brilliant, full color touchscreen keypad. Use your Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer as well, with the #1 App in the business powered by Our cutting-edge home automation system provides Energy Management to save you money, while saving you time & effort through our ‘Scenes & Schedules’ automation. You’ll never need to remember to turn lights on & off, nor worry about turning the thermostat up or down when you are home, away, or sleeping. Even more amazing is being able to set tasks year-round, based on how the sun rises and sets according to your GPS location. Need to change something? Start the Smartphone App and control anything you need on the go.

What’s the best thing about our solutions?

All pricing includes hardware, installation, and client training. It’s the best ‘full-service’ pricing in Texas.

Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat

Save money and energy by controlling the temperature in your home from anywhere at any time. You can create personalized scenes and schedules for comfort and energy savings, or adjust your enabled thermostat right from your mobile devices when weather suddenly changes. Features:

  • It learns from all the triggers in your security system
  • It cares about which room you’re in
  • It reacts to your location in real-time
  • It saves when you open a window
  • It’s completely integrated with your Smart Home

Indoor/Outdoor Camera Monitoring

Connected to the Internet, smart video cameras let you watch live feeds from home on your phone, tablet or computer, no matter where you are. These popular connected devices let you check in on the daily things that you would otherwise miss, like the kids coming home from school or a new pet at home. Features:

  • Use your mobile device to view live streaming
  • Color night vision
  • Keep eyes on activity at your property
  • HD quality Video
Indoor/Outdoor Camera Monitoring
Doorbell Video Camera

Doorbell Video Camera

If your front door tends to be a high traffic area, consider the industry leading Skybell™ HD video camera doorbell. Once installed, a mobile app is all you need to begin seeing and speaking to your visitors, whether you are home or away. Skybell™ will also alert you to any uninvited guests. Features:

  • HD Video
  • Motion Sensor
  • Color Night Vision
  • Snap Photos
  • Hear & speak

Remote Controlled Locks

Keep your family safe and secure using our remote-controlled locking hardware. Remotely lock and unlock doors from your smartphone or web-enabled device. Find peace of mind knowing that your family is protected from unwanted intruders and get alerts when the kids get home, even if you’re not there. Features:

  • One touch locking
  • Full 128-bit encryption security
  • Secured keyless entry convenience
  • 30 user codes plus master code feature for added security
  • SmartKey Security
Remote Controlled Locks
Remote Controlled Lights

Remote Controlled Lights

Smart lighting is a valuable way to give your home a lived-in look, even when you’re out of town. To make it more realistic, your smart lights should run on a dynamic schedule to conceal the fact you’re automating. With sunrise and sunset options and even variable times throughout the day and the week, some smart lights can manage it all for you. Features:

  • Control your lights from anywhere
  • Simple to Dim
  • Consumes just 9 watts
  • Functions as a Z-Wave network repeater

Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Outlet

Stay connected to your home with a Honeywell Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Outlet. Compatible with all Z Wave certified gateways, the smart outlet gives you wireless control of your home’s lamps and appliances from any mobile device, computer or Z-Wave enabled remote.

  • Z-Wave Plus (compatible with any Z-Wave certified gateway)
  • Wirelessly control and schedule lights or other devices from anywhere
  • Compatible with LED, CFL, incandescent and halogen bulbs as well as other devices
  • Tamper-resistant outlets
Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Outlet
Garage Door Control

Garage Door Control

Have you ever been unsure about whether or not you closed your garage door when you leave your home? Our advanced smart home technology sends you alerts when your garage door is left open and gives you the ability to open and close your garage door right from your smartphone. Features:

  • Use your mobile device to open and close your garage door
  • Receive open and closing notifications
  • Check the status or control your garage door from anywhere
  • Access Open and Close History

Connected Car

Extend security and awareness outside the home or business with’s Connected Car offering.

  • Track your vehicle‘s location
  • View engine status
  • Analyze fuel efficiency—right from the Mobile App.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with real-time driver safety alerts
  • Diagnostic alerts
  • And More!!!

The Car Connector quickly and easily plugs into a vehicle’s OBD-II port, connecting the vehicle to the platform.

Connected Car
Flex IO

Flex IO

The Flex IO enables new levels of flexibility for monitoring valuable property and assets anywhere that LTE connectivity is available. used with a…

  • Backyard gate
  • Remote storage unit
  • RV Door

the Flex IO empowers users to keep an eye on what matters most. It can be used with the included magnet to monitor doors, gates, and other entryways. It also comes equipped with input and output options for integrating compatible devices that lack long-range connectivity.

Smart Water Sensor

The smart water sensor detects the presence of water and allows you to know when potential flooding occurs before extensive damage is done. Great for installing at the base of water heaters, washing machines, sinks, and more.

  • Sends a notification if water is detected where it doesn’t belong
  • Reports water presence to security panel
  • Hot and Cold ambient temperature warnings
Smart Water Sensor
Water & Irrigation Monitoring

Water & Irrigation Monitoring

With increasing water conservation regulations and homeowner desire to reduce water bills, the smart irrigation market is growing. As part of an integrated system, irrigation control enables you to offer your customers an even more differentiated solution.

  • Instantly Take Control from Anywhere
  • View Status On-Demand
  • Choose where to Water
  • Save Water and Money

Voice Command Integrations

Take home automation to the next level using custom voice shortcuts for Siri. To arm/disarm an system or run a Scene, customers can say “Hey Siri, I’m home from work,” or any phrase of their choice to perform automation commands using an iOS 12 device. Control your system with Alexa & Google “Alexa, turn off the Office Light.” “Hey Google, What is the state of my system?”

  • Disarming the system
  • Running scenes
  • Run a Scene
  • Turn on the lights
  • Lock the front door
  • View doorbell/cameras
  • Lower my thermostat
Voice Command Integrations
It doesn’t stop there…

When complete, you’ll stay connected to your home or business from anywhere. Our top-rated apps make it easy to manage your smart home or monitor your business with everything connected into a single, intuitive interface. Trusted by millions, the app integrates your security system, connected devices and more into a reliable, easy and smart experience.

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